Lisa B.
Our entire family have been patients of David and Rebecca Swett for many years. Both Dr. David and Dr. Rebecca have provided caring attention and kept both of our children cavity free! The hygienists always remember us and are friendly and professional. When we have to have a special procedure, we know that both Dr. David and Dr. Rebecca will take the extra time to make sure we are comfortable and relaxed. They even offer Bose noise-cancelling headphones if the work is a little noisy. From root canals to crowns to regular cleanings and x-rays, we always feel that we are getting top-notch service from the best dentists in town.
I have been visiting the Swett's dental office for about eight years now. They were recommended to me by my dentist in Richmond who was one of their professors at MCV. I am very pleased with their service. Every associate in this office is astute, friendly and accommodating. The dentists have worked with me to preseve this smile of mine, and I so appreciate their skillful care and concern. I might also mention that I have observed little to no turnover in their staff, and I think that speaks to the character of their business. Sometimes there is a good side to a toothache!
I presented to Dr. Rebecca Swett with a chipped front tooth, badly stained teeth, and a mosaic of different colored fillings in decaying teeth. After a few visits she transformed my teeth (ME and my smile) into something I feel very good about. Dr. Swett made the effort to not just do the job - but maximize me looking great. I also appreciated her excellent listening skills and (BONUS) she has great Novocain administration technique. Everyone I've come into contact with in her office is just wonderful and efficient. I could not possibly give Dr. Swett and this dental office a higher recommendation. I feel blessed to be their patient.
Lee W.
I have been a patient of Drs. David and Rebecca Swett’s for the past seven (7) years. During that time, I discovered I had cancer of the throat and as part of my treatment, I received radiation treatments that ultimately softened my teeth. As a result, I go to Dr. Swett’s office every three months for cleaning and check-ups. I cannot tell you what a great job my hygienist (I am drawing a blank……….(chemo brain…)) has done in helping me keep my teeth clean and David and Rebecca have been with me every step of the way taking great care of my dental needs. The entire staff is top notch and the dental care state-of-the-art.
Take it from someone who goes to the dentist quite often, you will do no better than David and Rebecca Swett.
George B.
Being one who does not like go to either the doctor or dentist, I was somewhat of a skeptic when my wife told me how great Drs. David and Rebecca Swett treated her. I have now been a patient for over three years and my wife was right. Every experience has resulted in not only first class preventive treatment but true professionalism mixed with a friendly and caring staff. In my 50 plus years of dental treatment, I have never experienced better treatment, been so informed on prevention and enjoyed the time spent with the great staff and David and Rebecca.
Greg L.
For almost fifteen (15) years, me and my family have been comprehensively served, and completely satisfied, by David, Rebecca and their hygienists. What impresses me the most is the tenure of employment of their hygienists. That, in and of itself, tells me what a person is like to work for. Because Jeannie and Sarah have been there so long, it shows David and Rebecca’s love them as employees, and this is reciprocated back to David and Rebecca from these women. Customers can quickly perceive peace or stress inside any business. I’m amazed that David and Rebecca have been able to accomplish a constantly peaceful environment, with incomparable service.
Keep up the great work my friends!
Laura W.
After over 16 years of treatment with Drs. David & Rebecca and their amazing staff, I can honestly say I look forward to visiting my dentist. My cleanings are efficient, painless and relaxing enough that I almost fall asleep. When there is an issue to resolve, it is great to know that my dental health is in the best of hands
Our entire family of five have been patients with Drs. David and Rebecca Swett for 10 years. When we moved back to Charlottesville we decided to chose a dentist for our entire family. At that time our three children, all girls, were aged 5, 7 and 11. It was important to us that we chose a practice that was friendly and not 'gimmicky'. I was also looking for a practice that included a female dentist to serve as a professional role model for our daughters. It didn't take long to discover that the practice of Drs. David and Rebecca fit our requirements. In addition to basic teeth cleaning we have needed emergency tooth re-pair for a chipped front tooth, professional teeth whitening, a cavity (or two) filled and night guard appliances for teeth grinding. We have always been very pleased with the services we have received. The staff is exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and gentle with all of their care. The entire staff from the front desk and office administrative services to the actual oral care, takes the time to get to know you. We actually look forward to going to the dentist because it's such a happy and positive environment! They are extremely welcoming and make every effort for their patients to be comfortable with all manner of treatments and services. Our girls have excellent oral care habits thanks to the care and advice they have received from Drs. David and Rebecca and their staff.
Drs. Swett know how to put patients at ease and somehow make every visit a relaxing, pain-free experience. With the sunny atmosphere and friendly employees, we actually look forward to our check-ups. Best of all, our teeth have never been healthier or looked better! Thank you Drs. Swett!
Jeff V.
My experience at Swett dentistry has been a true joy. I know that really isn't the norm for a trip to the dentist, but these guys are different. The aproach that they take in caring for you goes way beyond dental work. They seem to care about you as a whole person, they treat you like you are in their home. Many times I leave their office laughing or smiling because it was that much of an enjoyable experience.( I know it seems almost to good to be true). I appreciate their personal touch and thoughtfulness in making the most of the short time they spend with me.
Laura C.
I absolutely love my dental visits with Dr. David. The staff are so friendly and caring. There is never ever a long wait at all to see him. When I'm early for my appointments they will always take me within just a few minutes. We have so much fun and never leave without a good laugh. When I need them they are always ready to take me right away. Thanks guys your the best!
Janet P.
It's like walking into a 'spa' atmosphere! If you were ever nervous about going to the dentist,this is the place to go! Very relaxing environment and you feel as you are the only patient. Also if you have to cancel they are very accomodating.
Ann L.
David and Rebecca Swett and their caring staff take wonderful care of my teeth. I have had a lifetime of issues with my teeth and gums and am extremely picky about my dentists. I needed a very difficult procedure last year and the doctors' and staff's TLC and personal touch made the experience relatively pleasant. They have seen me after hours for emergencies and they also take excellent care of both my parents. Going to the dentist is a pleasure! They are the best!
Since my children were young, they would come with me to my office visits and play in the waiting area with the fun toys. Once they began having their own appointments, it was never scary for them. Along with their staff, David and Rebecca were always gentle, comforting and actually made the cleaning fun. Now that I have teenagers, office visits continue to be pleasant experiences for the whole family. We love David and Rebecca Swett and think they are the best!

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