A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are two X-rays on different patients taken during a routine screening. Both patients had no pain and clinically the teeth look perfectly normal. Dark irregular areas represent pathology in the way of bone loss or tooth resorption. Please trust us in taking the best care of you by doing the recommended full series of X-rays every 3-5 years. They can save a tooth, your jaw and maybe your life!

Fluoride’s ability to inhibit or even reverse the initiation and progression of dental caries is well documented. Fluoride varnishes were developed to improve the efficacy and safety of topical fluoride. For more than 30 years, fluoride varnishes have been the standard of care for the professional application of topical fluoride in Europe. The primary reasons for the wide acceptance of fluoride varnishes include the ease of use, safety, and convenient application procedure. With fluoride varnishes, the amount of fluoride exposure to patients can be better controlled, and less chair time is required compared with the conventional use of foams and gels that require suction devices and trays. At SWETT DENTISTRY we are offering fluoride varnishes on virtually all our patients because research clearly shows that fluoride varnish: 1. Inhibits or reverses the initiation and progression of cavities in teeth. 2. Is safe when applied as a varnish by a dental professional. (The effectiveness and safety of fluoride varnishes are documented in more than 50 clinical trials) 3. Helps make exposed root surfaces stronger. 4. Makes teeth less sensitive by closing the "pores" in teeth. 5. Is beneficial for patients who have dry mouth decreasing their development of decay. 6. Strengthens teeth in children and adults alike. 7. Is great for white spots on teeth making them stronger and less susceptible to decay.

SPRING CLEAN YOUR TEETH! Add a dental visit to this year's spring-cleaning list. A professional dental cleaning at least twice a year can improve your oral health, reports the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization of general dentists dedicated to continuing dental education. "A prophylaxis, also known as a 'prophy' or professional dental cleaning, reinforces the at-home oral health regimen," says AGD spokesperson Anne Murray, DDS. "It is designed to preserve health, prevent the spread of disease and give the dentist an opportunity to locate other areas in the mouth that may need attention." It is strongly recommended that a dentist or hygienist perform a dental cleaning every three to six months, says Dr. Murray. She discourages consumer use of over-the-counter tooth polishing instruments. "People with healthy teeth and gums typically do not experience soreness after a cleaning," says Dr. Murray. Those with less-than-perfect oral hygiene habits may experience discomfort or heightened sensitivity during a dental cleaning. The dentist can use a topical anesthetic before the cleaning to alleviate pain. What is a dental cleaning?

Swett Dentistry is one of the few offices taking advantage of the newest in technology: 3-D Dental scans to make patient's crowns, bridges and veneers!

5 Reasons To Whiten Your Teeth At Swett Dentistry

Nothing conveys confidence quite like a bright, white smile. Unfortunately, not all smiles are created equal. And, some smiles are much whiter than others. Whether your teeth have become discolored from food and drink or general wear and tear from aging, you may find yourself looking in the mirror one day wishing that there was a simple way to enhance your smile. You've probably seen many over-the-counter products that claim to whiten your teeth. However, the strongest and fastest whitening solutions are those that are available in our office. Here are a five reasons why dental tooth whitening might be the best choice for you.

FLOSS LIKE A BOSS! Here are a quick 5 Reasons to FLOSS DAILY! 1. It’s the #1 defense against gingivitis which leads to tooth loss 2. It keeps bad bacteria from entering your bloodstream 3. It will keep your breath fresh 4. It fights cavities 5. It lets your smile shine without unsightly broccoli between your teeth!

7 Signs That You Need to Visit Swett Dentistry:

  1. Toothache- Seriously, it’s your body’s way of screaming for help. Do not wait for the pain to go away- it may wane, but it will come back more strongly, or even worse, threaten the life of your tooth! The sooner you address it, the smaller and less costly the fix!
  2. Swollen or Bleeding Gums- Healthy gums DO NOT BLEED- even when you floss. Bleeding is the first sign of gum disease. Regular cleanings by your hygienist and good oral hygiene at home prevents this gum infection.
  3. Tooth Sensitivity- This may be a warning sign of tooth decay or bone loss around a tooth exposing sensitive root surfaces of your teeth
  4. Sores in your mouth- having regular oral cancer screenings is the first defense against HPV and oral cancer.
  5. Dry Mouth... this is often a side effect of medications, but also people with dry mouth have an increased incidence of tooth decay because saliva isn’t neutralizing the acids in your mouth. We have ways to help!
  6. Bad Breath… Bad breath can be a sign of gum disease. Mouthwash and breath mints may temporarily mask the underlying health issue, but this is another warning sign you shouldn’t ignore OR be embarrassed about- we help patients with this issue every day!
  7. Headache or Jaw pain (especially on waking.) You may be a night clencher or grinder grinding millimeters of irreplaceable tooth enamel every night! We have many ways of dealing with this to help you protect your valuable enamel.

And a Bonus Sign: You don’t like your smile! There are little things that bug us all about the way our teeth look - not everyone needs a full set of veneers to have the smile they want- small relatively inexpensive procedures can be done to help you LOVE THE SMILE YOU WEAR EVERY DAY! Ask us how we can help! Call Swett Dentistry 434-979-3940 or visit us at www.swettdentistry.com to learn more!

Sealants are valuable for reducing cavities, analysis suggests. While we don't believe everything we see in the New York Times (thinking about the "flossing doesn't make a difference article!") Here's a more valid research finding... The New York Times (9/19, Frakt, Subscription Publication) “The Upshot” blog reports that a 2013 Cochrane review and a systematic review published in the August edition of The Journal of the American Dental Association both concluded that sealants are a valuable procedure that can protect children’s teeth because they are “effective in reducing cavities.” The article points out that the American Dental Association “encourages sealant application” and notes current evidence indicates BPA exposure from sealants is not harmful. The systematic review of the use of sealants and the updated clinical practice guidelines are both available in the August issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association. The ADA News also reported previously on research published in the ADA Professional Product Review that shows BPA in dental sealants is safe. www.MouthHealthy.org provides additional information on sealants.

When you call Swett Dentistry you will be greeted by one of two friendly voices. Becky(right),has come to us with a background in the Greene County guidance counseling office is dedicated to greeting you with a smile when you walk into the office, updating your demographic info and making sure you are scheduled for the appropriate amount of time so our providers can give you their full attention.  Stacey (left) is your go- to for any financial/billing questions you might have. She will keep you up to date on your insurance benefits as well as keep you informed about your copays before each visit. She's recently moved to Charlottesville and is actually getting married next Spring!  We feel blessed to have this dynamic duo on our team.

10 Crazy & Random Dental Facts for your Kids!

Fun Dental Facts! Fun Dentist! What more could you ask for?

1) The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime. That is enough spit to fill 2 swimming pools!

2) You are should not keep your toothbrush near a toilet. The airborne particles from the flush can travel up to a distance of 6 feet. Yuck!

3) George Washington never had wooden teeth. His dentures were made from Gold, hippopotamus tusk, elephant ivory and human teeth!!